Saturday, November 9, 2013


While on my visit south, my hosts have this magical rooftop oasis, I spent many hours up there and one of the things that tweaked my inspiration were the above ground electrical wires.  It is not normally a daily visual for me as most of our electrical in N CA is underground.  I did some morning meditations up there, when the sun had not yet arrived, the sounds and sights were mostly mother nature, the stars, the moon, the waves lapping and tumbling to shore, but there is a low rumbling hum emitted from these giants and they became my focus during the daylight hours with my camera.  Do the birds sit atop because they deliver warmth or do they meditate to the hum? I don't know, maybe a little of both.  I love how they criss and cross, going to this house and that one. A sort of organized chaos.  Hope your weekend is juiced with inspiration and relaxation, hugs


DonnaMundinger said...

Hope your show was a huge sucess! It certainly sounds like you had a fabulous time. So sorry I've been absent but I've sort of been in "a world of my own". Spent some time looking over your marvelously creative projects. So much inspiration I'm sort of speechless. Thanks so much for the Halloween card. Too cute, you're such a Sweetie!! I'll try harder not to be such a stranger. xxD

mickeydee said...

It sounds so peaceful and calming. Nice way to brush off the
daily grind and refocus. I hope your show went great!!!! dianne