Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Leave Your Mark - Inspired

I am home, inspired, renewed and re-energized by the oceans pulse. Four days and five nights at one of the Southern Beach Communities of  Los Angeles, I believe "Leave Your Mark" embodies the essence of this area, I left Sacramento with these words and I return with them written boldly in my imagination.  The lost art of walking is as alive as breathing in the beach communities and as you meander from this and that the eye is drawn to feast on man made images, building and creations.  Four mornings in a row, I communed with the Ocean, the sky and the stars, I swear "Venus" is 5 times bigger as it hovers over the Pacific Ocean at 5AM than it is here in the North.  Palm trees tower on spindley trunks, they dance and nod with the sea breezes and crows caw, whirl and twist to the fronds to dine from the cluster of nuts dangling from the tops.  The salty sea air encases the aromas of grilled fish and creamy spiced sauces so that your mouth waters as your eyes dart to drink in the wine and treasures that swirl in every direction.  The sense of color is magnified and there are colors there that exist no where else in the world.  My heart beats this morning with gratitude and wonder.
I woke this morning and could not move fast enough to get my pictures downloaded and to begin play.  My share this morning is a photo I took of tire tracks in the sand on Seal Beach.  I printed it out on tissue paper, then printed the words out on tissue paper as well and adhered with gel medium to the tissue background, it will be my thank you card to my amazing hosts in paradise at the Ocean.  Hope everyone had a fun Halloween and are well into a fabulous week, hugs

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