Thursday, June 19, 2014


Happy Thursday, one and all.  This is my July 4th card for my son, he has wanted to join the forces since he was 18, certain life choices, marriage, etc. have put this decision on the back burner and it has slowly worked its way to the fore front over the years, it has now become a decision due to his age (27) that he make up his mind, and he has pretty much moved to the decision of becoming a reservist.  Even if I, for perfectly selfish reasons do not want him to do this, as his mom I support him 100% in his decision.  There are a couple things I have asked him to consider as he moves forward and this card is a gentle reminder, even though I know it will be received with a raised eyebrow and a firm "Mom" uttered.  I am very proud of him.
I used my woven background, perfect with the blues, but even the more so with the weave of all the decision making and emotions involved. The flag with tag is a plant stick I created for a neighbor's patio table, it cried out to become an element before it was gifted. Hope all are safe and sound this week as we head into yet another week-end, Hugs

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mickeydee said...

Your card is so special and sweet. A mothers love shines through. Love it!