Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Every Day Magic

Every day magic has to be one of my favorite happenings.  I have been known to use some pretty quirky things in my studio, nothing is safe if the idea presents itself.  See that woven background?  I was watching TV an ad came on for a company named "Spider", you may have seen it also, a couple people are piecing together something from a shredder, then you realize a dad at work has shredded his daughters drawing, as he pins it to his bulletin board, they walk in, she flies into his arms and is delighted to see he has pinned it.  At that moment I had an idea, went into my husband's office and brought his shredder into my studio, the hardest thing about doing a woven background for me, is cutting the strips.  Not anymore, I just printed out on of my backgrounds and ran it through. I got 28 strips, I lined up 14 of them and attached them with a piece of packing tape to my table, then took the other 14 and began weaving.  I was only concerned with getting enough weave for a 5.5"X4.25" block to use on an A2 card.  With that done I scanned it in and cropped and printed it out.  I now have a new tool in my studio, love it.
I will be doing a lot more woven backgrounds.  Hope your Wednesday is filled with everyday Magic, hugs

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Bonnie said...

I love how your mind works! That background is wonderful