Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day t

I have come to understand, organizing is a constant endeavor for me, I tend to make a mess as I work, pulling out of an idea or project for me, is just not an option.  So I am always rearranging and reorganizing. The other day I was looking for some raw pigment and could not remember where I had last put it, finally I managed to unearth this treasure and put it aside to try out some ideas.  Raw pigment is just that, it is ground, powdered color, no binder, so if you add water to it and then brush it on your paper, when dried it will just brush off.  It is great stuff to work with because you are not backed into using it with a particular surface, you add your binder - water, alcohol, liquid polymer, etc, as dictated by the surface you are painting on.
For my Pussy Willows, I took a piece of 90lb watercolor paper, I put some of my raw pigment in an old, empty spice jar, sprinkled it onto my paper and then misted with water, I let it dry and then went in with brown ink and a pen and sketched in the pussy willows.  I let all that dry and then added in my little bit of sky with Copic Markers.  The last thing I do is spray the piece with a fixative especially for watercolors.  The hummingbird color was done with a copic base and intense ink pencils over.
Have a wonderful Day, Hugs


cheryl Baker said...

oh this is brilliant,so so effective makes one gorgeous card hugs Cherylx

Carole Beath said...

Love this card.... you are awesome.