Sunday, August 23, 2015

1st Curio Card

Geeze not sure what is going on today but nothing and I mean nothing in my studio is working right today, so after this post I am shutting her down and give all a breather, lol.

I went on a tangent this morning, trying to get a decent emboss from my new Curio, it is probably me not the machine, heaven knows I am not the most patient.  "Believe In yourself" was embossed on vellum but it just did not come out strong enough, so I started playing with sprays and chalks and golly olly I came up with the new background, added a couple flowers and my bee and am calling it done for today, will work more tomorrow.  Have a great rest of your Sunday, hope everyone is ready for school, those that are going, hugs

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Bonnie said...

The coloured piece is vellum?! I bet it's even more striking in person. I really like the" believe" fluttering in the background almost like a thought that is always there!