Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weigh in on Friendship

Sometimes the most complicated things are best described in the simplest form possible.  Surely friendship is one of those things, friendship is something that is woven into our hearts, embedded in our thoughts, each at some time touching our emotions and giving us pause for great thanks or so it is with mine.
When I design a card, it is usually because I have found an element that sparks my imagination or I find words rolling around in my head that have to be put to print.  I found this scale first and have hung on to it knowing I wanted it in a card.  Then yesterday after a conversation with a friend afar the words came,  So I celebrated friendship yesterday with this card.
I also gave thanks for this awesome cool down we are having in N CA, walked pups yesterday who were thankful they didn't have to high step it over burning cement to get to the grass, saw my boy child and spent a few hours with him, wow busy but great week.  Hope you are rolling into the second half of your week, happy and content.  Hugs

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Bonnie said...

Well said. I often think of all the little things that we have to be so grateful for and appreciate them all the more.