Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Written in Stone

Hmm, this turned out a little on the blue side, still have some smoke haze in the air and my window where I do my photos is north light and it is still early.  Still in my learning curve with the Curio, but wanted a stencil, I am out of my stencil material so cut it from 110# cardstock.  I used "Tintit" sprays on the hearts and edge, did a little pen work and then scanned it in.  I think I am making headway with the Curio though, waiting for the deep cut and chisel blade to be realeased along with the larger format platforms.  I added my "written in stone" block, inside it will say, "I Love You to the Moon and back", birthday card for my son.

Hope your week is progressing smoothly, hugs

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