Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Todays Smiles

A new background paper, The background color done with my Design Masters "Tintit" - sepia and pinklucious.  My roommate found this sweet little feather and I found the leaf on one of my outings, with the help of photoshop and my silhouette they became elements for the background.  Then did some old time reading glasses and used my calligraphy pen element.  A word block inside "are tomorrows' flowers" finish off the card.
I volunteered to do a few cards for a chemo clinic, they will give out cards to those who are having a really great day or some that are having a hard one.
I have pups to walk today, a son to hang out with for a while and maybe even a little studio time. Hope you have much to smile at today, tomorrow and always, hugs

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