Saturday, March 12, 2016

lets talk about recyclable containers with no lids

Geeze, I so hope you have not totally become bored with my Fuse and ways to use it, cause I keep tinking of so many things to do with it.  I had a bizzilion pens in a box and although I use them, every time I needed one I had to wade through all of them.  I have been saving these containers that house our Kamataos they work for so many things, the only thing is they do not have a lid or top, so if they turn over - you have a sort job ahead of you.  So I took a bread food bag and created slips for them, then just curled in the ends and secured with paper clips.  Whahoo they are workings, no spilled pens in days.  I have sorted out gels, calligraphy, writing, etc.  It is rainy, cold and I am organizing, happy weekend ALL. hugs

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