Friday, February 17, 2012

Creating your own glitter backgrounds-tutorial

 I am sharing a fun background tutorial today, how to create your own glitter backgrounds, these are just as good as the ones you find in the stacks, maybe even better, once done and dry that glitter does not spread all over your project, honest!  All supplies are photographed except for the last step which is the Cuttlebug "flower" embossing folder which comes with the V-2 Cuttlebug, I figured everyone knew what the folders were and this is pic heavy already.   Choose your background cardstock, a nice higher weight works best 90#s or higher.  Smooch Spitz, color of your choice, why am I using a glimmer as my undercoat? It gives the whole background piece depth.  After I have smooched I did use brown distress ink on the edges. A spray box, just find an appropriate size for your table and cut sides. I always line mine, when it becomes glitter coated or completely paint spattered I change it.  Golden Gel Medium "Regular Gel - Gloss", you can find this at Dick Blick and most of the time at Arron Bros. or check your stores artist area.  A small dish for your gel medium  It is a very thick paste and is intended for canvas so I water it down a bit, approx. 1 to 1 be sure to mix it well but try not to aggitate it as that will form bubbles.  A mop brush, I use a mop brush instead of a foam brush to decrease brush strokes. Apply 2 coats letting the applications dry between coats, Some Art Institute Fine Glitter, I have tried every glitter out there and this is the only I have found that is really fine, I want the background to have a very light look and this gives it.  I also put my glitter in a spice shaker bottle, it just distributes the glitter on your project better.  You apply the glitter immedately after applying the 2nd coat.  Be sure to let the project dry for 1 to 1 1/2 hrs.  If it is not completely dry, the last stage of the project which is your embossing, the project will stick in places to the folder, so let that really dry.

project getting ready for spritz

background after smooch spray and distressed edges

getting ready to apply gel medium

ah the fun part, the coat of glitter

your basic supplies all together

side view of the spray box

the finished background, the top right flare is the flash off the glitter.

And that is it! I will try to share project with you tomorrow.


Art Glitter said...

Great paper! I'm going to post in on our FB page: ArtGlitter! Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl said...

oh this is such super paper,great tutorial too love cherylxxxxxx

Jenn Borjeson said...

This is just adorable! And I am LOL'ing at your "word verification" definitions. They do crack me up, too, some of those words! :)

DonnaMundinger said...

Great tut, Sandi! I'm not so sure I could wait for it to dry, though. LOL xxD