Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Smashbook Pages

The end of last year I vowed I was going to get back to this blog and re-incorporated my art and creating on larger priority than last year.  I am a researcher by nature, if it interests me, I want to find out all there is to find about it.  Since I had not been blogging and was pretty much out of the loop, I began first looking for what new papers and if there were any new designers out there that I had missed.  One of my favs is K&Co. and started finding info on Smashbooks, I loved the idea right off the bat. I am a journaler and especially love art journals.  I put this at the top of I have to do this list.  The got distracted, LOL.  Almost a month ago a friend and I were talking and she asked me what inspired me?  I told her everything and laughed and then told her it was hard to explain and made a mental note to think on that.  I did think on it and there are a million of my little slips of paper, lol,  on my art table with those thoughts, I have moved them from one corner to another for a month, reminding myself I want to do this.  Then last week while out to lunch with a couple of friends, we stopped by Hobby Lobby and in a clearance bin were 3mini jounals bundled and on sale, so I took them. Then yesterday I was on Krista Smith's Blog (The Saturated Canary) and she had shared a page from her SmashBook, okay, okay, I am doing this.  Yesterday I played with my slips of paper and some other items sitting on the table and am ready to share my first SmashBook pages, the theme of this sb is "Inspiration".  Happy Wednesday, Hugs


1CardCreator said...

Love it!

DonnaMundinger said...

I keep telling myself I'm gonna do one of these yet I never get around to it. YOU inspire me. xxD