Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is it hot where you are?

Well it is HOT here in N CA.  I really don't cook when the temps rise over 95, it is way too hot to cook and hot food just does not settle right in the heat.  So I am always conguring up new salads and tasty coolers.  I have the challenge of cooking while keeping in mind dh has type2 diabetes and a never satisfied sweet tooth.  So this is one of my latest and I have to admit one of the best.  Starbucks released a new product recently called Via refreshers, they come in lime and hibiscus berry.  The one pictured was done with hibiscus berry.  Here is how you put it all together.

1 - 38oz carton of Greek, plain, non-fat yogurt (remove 1 cup of yogurt and store)
1 1/2 packets of Via Hibiscus refresher
a handful of raspberries and currents (it is also good with cherries and watermelon)
3tbsp. toasted shredded coconut

I take out the cup of yogurt and store it in a small container and use the store bought container to mix in the Via, mix for a good 2 to 3 mins. and be sure to get any that settled to the bottom.  Then spoon about 1 cup into a nice dish, I actually use Margarita glasses, it just looks pretty.  Take 1/2 your fruits and mix into the yogurt and gently place the remainder ontop, then sprinkle with your toasted coconut.  About 110calories and 18grms of carbs. 

If this is way more than you want, then try 1/2 packet of the Via in 8oz. of Pellegrino sparkling mineral water and some raspberries.

Stay cool, hugs

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Sandy from Ukiah said...

We were 102 today... your salad looks yummy. hugs