Tuesday, July 31, 2012

High Steppin

Good Morning, I am apolozing right off for the color, it just would not adjust, there is some wonderful foil on this and I think it just flashed back to much and gave a yellow haze to the overall.  There is no yellow in this, Just pinks and a little orange.  In spite of the pic, I love how this turned out.  I welded the initials to a rectangle and welded then cut.  I then masked off the bottom and airbrushed the "K"s with black, then did the rest in pink, when the pink dried, I poured a little bit of rubbing alcohol into my hand and splattered it onto the surface (I covered the black k's so it would not hit).  I then took 2 strips of my "Imagination" - Blush paper and used one strip behind the "k"s and the other strip at the bottom.  Added my shoe from "Silhouette" images and bow.

For the inside I created a sentimaent block and took the shoe and added one laid one on its side and used the pen to print it out on pink card stock.  We have a flirty little card that did not take all that time to create cause the Silhouette does it all in fast!, lol.  Have a great day, hugs


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Love what you are doing with the silhoutte . This is simply gorgeous. Are u still going to use your Cricut? Hugs

Sandi said...

Sandy, thanks, yes I am still using my Cricut, there are soooo many wonderful images I love using, in the future I will be doing a mingling of the two machines, concentrating right now on the Silhouette, just to get over the hump on that learning curve, I have a couple more things I want to achieve with it and then I think I will be comfortable enough going back and forth. Thanks for posting and thanks for the question. hugs to you!

Loopylou. said...

wow hun this is awesome, I so look forwrd to what you have been experimenting on in the night while I am asleep here in the UK!!
gorgeous card hun
huge hugs Lou xxx

Kelly said...

What a classy card. The colors look great on this end.

Carole Beath said...

Oh goodness, this is wonderful. I know the color wasn't showing as it truly is, but believe me, the color that IS showing is still wonderful.
What an impact..that shoe, that bow.