Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Silhouette Seriously Wonderful with Chomas

Okay this is so seriously cool, I had to post it today even though I have one post already.  First off, I ordered the stick pen holder from Amy Chomas on Monday and it arrived this morning, I don't know how she does it, I am amazed.  So there you see the pen with holder installed to the Silhouette, it took me 3mins, only cause I had never done it before, now I can whip it in and out in secs.  So one thing I have always wanted, was to be able to print an address label to an envelope, it just never has worked out, no matter what I tried, my printer just will not do envelopes.  But oh my goodness, the silhouette will.

 This is the Silhouette "Big Top" envelope cut out A-2 size, I left it on the mat and did not unload the mat, I then transported my label, also a shilouette image and positioned it on my envelope on the mat, then clicked on the envelope and removed it.  Then changed my settings to the pen and told it to cut, whalaaaaa, so this definitely opens a lot of other door, my brain is spinning and I have a headache, lol, but it is a good one.
This is a side view of the evelope.  I cut it from probably about 62# cream card stock, then I airbrushed with copic markers, just a dusting of color, brown and blue green.  Then I adhered it together.  Wow, hugs


Amy Chomas said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with next if this happened within the first few minutes of owning the holder!!!

Kelly said...

Way too I want a Silhouette!