Saturday, December 21, 2013

May Our Days Be Blessed

Good Morning, as we approach the Christmas Day, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, may it be filled with love, friendship, hope and blessings.
This time of the year I am checking my lists, once, twice, making assessments, and scooping up loose ends. This is also the time of the year I start moving over things that I did not do in this year that I will put on the list for next year.  I have a project in 2014 that is going to require some welded words.  I know how to weld words with my Cameo but do not feel at all proficient in the process.  I don't know about you but I find that when I have a tool that will accomplish multiple functions, I tend to use it for the functions I have become familiar with, especially if I am under a time crunch, lol, which is more often than I am some times comfortable with.  But this week I had a few spare moments and decided to do some word welding.  I love words with images, always have and probably always will.  So, I think my 2014 will have a lot of words.
I did this word block using a Cameo Font "Painter's Hand LD, and cut it out on a scrap piece.  My calligraphy pen and nibs were on my table as well as some sepia ink, so I started playing, did some grunging and added a couple of my poinsettia's.  I recently read "The Book of Days" the story of Benjamin Franklin's baby sister Jane.  This piece reminds me of that time. It is not an easy read but it made me so grateful for being born in this time in space.  I love visiting the times of yore in books and movies but I would not have fared well in those ages of male dominance and control.   Be warm and safe my friends, in body and soul as we approach this Holiday of Blessings, hugs


DonnaMundinger said...

happy Birthday Sandi! May YOUR day be blessed, today, and throughout the coming year. Great welding and lovely card. xxD

Bonnie said...

Wishing you a blessed Christmas and all the best as we venture into 2014! Thanks for sharing your talents and vision and thank you also for bring such an encouraging blog friend!