Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birds of a feather

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you are enjoying where you are and what you are doing.  I played a little with the design functions this morning. 

I have stated before that I am directionally challenged.  This poses it own little challenges in my world.  But the brain is an incredible tool and will compensate if you give it the chance and are determined.  If you are not directionally challlenged then you may be shaking your head and wondering so, what's the big deal?  It means that when I go to cut or add words to my mat, I will stagger through a couple failed attempts until I get it right, now coupled with this is a very limited short term memory, so once I get it right does not mean that I have it, only many repeats puts this in place as a memory.  I am sharing this just in case anyone else out there gets frustrated, aggrevated and just plain angry, that a simple function such as direction can cause such angst.  I learned long ago that stress only adds to the situation, so as I feel it mount, I take a deep breath and most times walk away for a while, I also make notes, so I only have to go through this process once.  I am a visual/hands on learner, so I have short cuts that I have adapted, they are not always the quickest or the easiest but they work for me.  The last three pics show one of my short cuts for those of you interested.

I love the idea of a 1 piece card for just keeping in touch or letting someone know they were in my heart and brain at the same time on a particular day.  You don't need a whole lot of writting room.  The above is the onesie in front of the little tabed envelope I designed for it.  The card and envie were created using BoBunny "Kitchen Spice Cinnamon", I bought a lot of this paper for a project, loved it then love it now and have some left.  This project was created with double sided paper in mind.  The completed project will fit into an A-2 envelope for mailing.
This is the little envie for the onsie

The photo corners and birds are from the Silhouette Library and the branch is from a "Memory Box" die.  One of my fav things about the Silhouette is the ability to block things out for cutting, i.e., as I was putting this all together I realized I wanted the lower right photo corner a little smaller, so going in and turning on the no cut feature for the group of larger ones and just cutting a smaller one that I added, was no problem. Geeze the Silhouette really does make it easy once you get familiar with it. The branch was colored with Copic Markers.
Doodling Debbie from the Silhouette Plus forum shared this wonderful double butterfly stand it was a link provided by Lvich in PDF and converted by Debbie for our use, and it worked prfectly for this card, thanks again Debbie.
 okay so here we go with my solutions to my direction challenge, I put a piece of copy paper on my mat I pen in the envelope design and the verbage.  I then click on the envelope and click "no cut", so now all the puter is looking at is the "Just for You", put my pen in and
 Then I take my cut envelope and with reposistionable adhesive on the back attach directly to the copy paper loaded and ready to go in the Silhouette.  Make sure my pen settings are in and click "cut"
Perfect word positoning evrey time, I remove the template from the mat and store it in a file for future use or as it becomes rolled and/or wrinkled from removed on the mat, it can easily be reprinted as I save the template.

Don't know if this will help anyone but if it does, I have been blessed, to be able to share it. Hugs


Kelly said...

You are too funny Sandi, like you I am directionally challenged so I feel for you. Great job! Love the birds.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

So glad to hear I am not the only one directionally challenged.. You are such an inspiration .. Hugs

Loopylou. said...

wow sandi you are so clever and that card is just awesome, I love the way it stands.
huge hugs Lou xxxx