Saturday, August 18, 2012

Finishing touch on a pressie

Happy Saturday, yipeeeeee!, we are going into a cool down, there is a cloud bank in place with a slight delta breeze, I am ready for it, windows are open and the birds are talking.  One of my passions is aromatherapy, I love blending oils and I love sharing them.  For the last few years I have been preparing a blend of bath salts for my friend Lois, a little grapefruit, tangerine, lavendar with just a splash of basil, jobjoba oil, almond oil and wonderful sea salts.  This is a refreshing blend and yet it calms nerves and relaxes muscles.  So I wanted to do a big jar for her birthday.  I have been saving up my Talenti jars, Talenti? if you don't know what that is boy have you missed out, Talenti puts out one of the best gelatos ever, my fav is "Sea Salt and Carmel", it is hard to stop eating this awesome stuff.  I like the size of the jar and started playing with one, the words are heat embossed onto the jar, so the only way to get them off is to sand it, which was fine with me cause that makes the jar look like sea glass and oh how I love sea glass.  I then sprayed the jar with my Copic Airbrush, I used blues and greens.  The lid to the jar does have the name embossed so I added one of my flour sack flowers to the top over the words.  The only thing left was a label.  To do a label with my printer is a task in frustration and multiple tries to get it right, I am sure that some of you have a printer that will do it easy peasy but no, not mine, so doing labels with my printer is one of my least favorite chores.  TAH DAHHHHHH, in steps the Cameo, this was slick, one try, one success.  The label itself is from the Silhouette Library, I first penned it out with my Chomas pen holder, then cut it out, took it to my table and with Copic markers and the airbrush finished off the label.  By the way the label was cut from vinyl.

 This is the little flower topper, I cut a strip from a flour sack towel, then gather with needle and thread, hand cut the leaves, I then airbrush color into the leaves and flower, let it dry and then I tack with thread the leaves to the flower add a button with a few beads and saturate them with a polymer medium and then it has to dry for 24 to 48hrs, depending on the humidity.

This is a close up of the jar, you can barely see the sanding but I sand it in two directions, first around the jar and then up and down, it creates a pattern resembling cheese cloth and takes the alcohol ink well, I do advise that the jar is not washed.

This is my sharing for today, hope you are on your way to fun for this weekend. Hugs


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Wow, there is no end to your creativity.. I am sure your friend will love it.. (is she the one you forgot her birthday?). Lol..if so this will definitely get her to forgive you.
I am looking to buy a new printer (soon I hope) trying to figure out what kind I want.. I want to be able to print from my iPad and get good quality printing.. Enjoy the cool, we are suppose to cool down to high 90's. Hugs

1CardCreator said...

Wow, how clever is this! The blend sounds amazing, I could almost smell the description ha ha. That ice cream sounds good too! Looks absolutely beautiful, she will love it!

Kelly said...

There is just no end to your creativity. Your friend will love this little treasure!