Friday, August 17, 2012

Pear..ific A Shape Card

Boy is it ever hard to believe that I have had the Cameo for a month now, but I have.  So as I get my bearings better and better, I have decided that every couple of days, I will try something I have not done yet with it.  So my first try out was a shape card with text to path.  The text to path really had me reeling, I could not get that little "I" away from the "F" but finally decided that it was on the whimsical side anyway and abandoned my perfectionist mode, lol.  I still do not have the grouping and compound paths down like rote but getting there.  The leaves were hand cut.  All coloring was done with Copic and the airbrush except for the inside of Pearific which was done with "Tim Holtz" distress markers.  Hope you are ready for a fun packed weekend. Hugs


1CardCreator said...

This is so sweet, love it!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Sandi, i am so jealous of all the fun you are having..This is awesome.
i have been working on a small little album with my silhouette... just isn't enough time in the day.. hugs

doodlingdebbie said...

Sandi, you are learning so fast and creating some really nice project. This one is another beautiful example of you talents and skills. Thank you for sharing.

Carole Beath said...

Sandy The Adventure Queen.... you just dive in those new machines and whip them into behaving. I admire you. I wilt at the thought of having to learn one.
Love your PEAR card.

Kelly said...

Awesome! I love who the letters are separated.