Friday, August 24, 2012

I hate bats

 Ittttttttsssssss Friday, again.  So Wednesday was a busy busy day, I had errands to run, toes to get done and a friend to meet for lunch, one of my errands was to go to this independent ribbon supplier in town that I haunt from time to time, she has trims and ribbons and I just love her store, so I ran in and of course, have to oooh nad aaaaah over seasonal stuff, I picked up the skulls and cross bones and then saw this strange looking trim, it looks like plastic that has been die cut and faceted and makes it look like little gems all in a row, just under 1 1/2" wide all connected in a cross hatch web and you buy it by the yd.  It really is much more sparkly in real life, so I got a yard to play with.  So started playing and decided to fringe the skulls and cross bones ribbon using a line of 4,3,2 across my 6" card, I adhered them down with tacky glue.  Then attached to this bat paper that I love and for the life of cannot remember who did this, maybe Graphic45?  Where to go with this next?  And, then my imagination and sense of humor got tickled with the idea of a big ole carved pumpkin afraid of bats, I took the idea to my Silhouette Design and this is what I came up with, I designed him with just the basics, the open mouth, eyes, stem and screech marks at mouth, all of the detail was done with my micron pen and copics.  The tag is from the Silhouette Library and reconfigured for my purpose.  If you are penning out your designs for use with markers or copics, you might consider using a micron in the pen holder so you do not get bleeding during the coloring process, it fits into the stick pen holder.  You don't even have to use the popscycle stick as you just push it as far as it will go into the holder and it is a perfect depth.
This is a close up, so much fun texture on this and also wanted you to see the twinkle on these faux gems. That is another Friday wrap, have a happy and safe weekend. Hugs


1CardCreator said...

I think I hate spiders more though! At least bats feast on pesky mosquitoes lol.

Jayne said...

This made me giggle Sandi!
Great card and love your trim.You could have told me they were tiny spiders as that's what I thought it was at first!lol.
Jayne x

DonnaMundinger said...

EEEK!!! LOts and LOTS of bats. Too cute! Love you scardy pumpkin and your trim is fab. xxD

doodlingdebbie said...

Sandi, you card made me smile. I think it is sooo....adorable! I don't like spiders, snakes, bats, and the buggy list goes one but I sure do love this card. Thank you for sharing.