Thursday, October 3, 2013

Drama Tree

I wanted to do a card using my Christmas Tree but just a little drama to it, I wanted the sides of the background to be deckled.  Options, I could tear each background separately, I could use deckle scissors, I could make the Silhouette Cameo cut it, hmmmm.  So, here is what I came up with, I tore a sheet on one side, scanned it in and then took it to the Cameo, I then copied it mirror image to the right, lined the two images up, then joined them as objects.  I then selected my trace area and detached, and then selected my cut lines.  There was a minimal amount of point editing, it took about 3mins.  So I have my drama tree and that makes me happy.  Hope you have a happy thursday ahead of you, hugs

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1CardCreator said...

Love this Sandi! Are you using MTC software with your Cameo? Just curious if this was pixel trace. ~Diane