Thursday, October 24, 2013

Love Thy Brain

Yesterday morning, I loaded 4 large boxes into my car and took them to the post office and away went 3 months work and product for the Craft Boutique.  When I walked out the door of the post office, I walked out a changed woman, it was as if all the air in my body was propelled out and I was exhausted, I had a grocery list with me and could not imagine how I was going to negotiate the isles and checkout, but I went anyway. Our grocery serves a rather small community so it is rare that I don't see someone I know, a neighbor, a friend and sure enough a very good friend was standing at the deli counter, we engaged in a conversation and I realized after a couple of minutes that I had not heard a word she said, so I apologized, explained that I was not at the top of my game and I just needed to get done and home.  So I got the essentials, got home, put them away and flopped on my bed, a power nap mid day is not out of the norm for me, I am up at 3AM most mornings so by noon, I am ready for a wee nap, but yesterday it was 3 hours, I woke up groggy and disoriented and it took me an hour to really wake up.  I fixed dinner and was again asleep by 7PM.
So what does this have to do with my brain?  If our brain gets tired, then we had better listen, because if we don't then it will just shut down the body, I know this and try to treat it right, but some times I push and push and push.  Right before I go to sleep, I do some stretching exercises and breathing exercises, to let my brain know that I am getting ready to let it sleep and then right before I doze off I implore it to wake me with inspiration and color.  For 3months, I have been trying to get a line drawing of a holly sprig that I was happy with, I bet I have done a good 50 attempts, but nothing, nothing, nothing.  This morning when I woke, I was refreshed, renewed and all my stress was gone, no deadlines looming over my head, nothing on the calendar for today, wow!  First thing in the morning when I get to my studio table with wonderful coffee in hand is my morning exercise, I draw, play with color, nothing set, just go with flow so to speak, and lo and behold, a holly sprig, one that I liked, oh yah, the brain doesn't like stress or deadlines, well at least mine doesn't.  So love thy brain and it will love you back, hugs
White and red card stock embossed with Sizzix Holly Folder, Holly Sprigs from my table this morning, hand drawing and colors by Copic Markers, PS6 and Silhouette Cameo and some misc. ribbon and red raffia.  Hugs

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Bonnie said...

i LOVE this card Sandi! I am glad you are refreshed and ready to continue to encourage and motivate us with your always positive comments and share your creativity with us.