Saturday, October 26, 2013

Morning Exercise

Since the moment I downloaded this "Music Sheet" sketch from the Silhouette Store it has called to me for an angel, so this morning during my Exercise time I made it my goal to get one done.  SketchBook Pro was my primary tool, you may check it out by clicking on SketchBook Pro.  You may also download a free trail if you would like to play around with it for a while, but you will not receive access to the Copic Colors unless you purchase the software.
I am so in love with the Copic Color panel in this software and I must admit it was a determining factor in my purchasing it.  So what is so great about it?  I am a hands on person, I love what I have been learning in the "Digi World" but I would never be able to convert 100% to digi, I need my hands in the mud so to speak.  But I realized right off what a great tool the Copic Palette could be.  I am using my own line drawings but if you do not draw, you can load your digi stamps to the Sketchbook Pro.
I begin with my cut image, at my table I did a light fill of color with my Copic Markers, I then scanned that in and opened my partial colored image in SP and began to blend with my Copic Palette, the magic begins when you make a mistake or do not like the color you are using, you just erase it and begin again, even if you do not like your hand colored portion that too can be erased.  When I am satisfied with the color, I save it in PSD format, take it to PhotoShop and turn the image into a "PNG" image (you can save the image directly in SP as a PNG, (I am so used to doing my crop and clean up in PhotoShop it is just automatic for me)so that my Silhouette Cameo can cut it as a Print and Cut.  At this time you can refine with your markers if need be, I added highlights to the angels halo with gesso, just to pop it out a bit.  Although it seems like there are many steps, this process knocks a lot of time from start to finish.

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