Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Happy Birthday

My baby sister's birthday is coming up so I thought I would send her some shock treatment, she is getting up in years, lol.  Doodles and Dylusion "BubbleGum Pink and Squeezed Orange here with some copic.  Oh joy!
I was looking through some of my notes on my doodle classes and one of my favorite things to do for a new class was to share some of the world's famous doodles.  So, here they are:  The Romans would doodle naughty poems on villa walls, Leonardo Da Vinci has books and books of doodles, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin would doodle during those long Independence making meetings.  John F Kennedy loved to doodle his yatch.  Ronald Regan well he loved cowboys and baseball.  John Keats and the list goes on.  Hope everyone is prepared for a fun weekend. Hugs


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh she is going to love it.. Happy birthday to your little sister. Hugs

Carole Beath said...

There are papers all over my house with Carole doodles, and some have been enhanced with colors. Your beauty here is wonderously colorful and fabby.