Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So what's up with the Zentangles?

Sunday as I was procrastinating in the clean up of my studio table top, a serendipitous thing happened, see my post below for details, but a die cut fell on top of an unfinished doodle and I played a bit with it.  I do a lot of Zentangles, if you are not familiar with them visit http://www.zentangle.com/ for a great over view.  I do these to help with my focus and to exercise my eye/hand coordination and to relieve stress.  65 has been a decisive year for me in the complete understanding that all my body wants is balance and as I become more attuned to listening I am guided to the things that will bring that about.  So, all day yesterday I started pulling out some of my doodles, scanning them in and playing with them and color.  The new Dylusion Inks are a perfect match for these doodles, the pattern in black and the vibrant color intensify each other and make for awesome backgrounds.  For this card I spritzed "London Blue", "Lemon Zest" and "Squeezed Orange", then distress inked with "Pumice Stone" and did some stencil background.  Oh boy, this gives me motivation to do more and more doodles so I can happily play with my Dylusion color.  Have a great Tuesday and don't forget to play. Hugs


I just walked outside to bring the garbage cans up, I looked up and realized the sky was playing Zentangles with me this morning, now that's an affirmation, LOL.  Hugs

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Carole Beath said...

A Zentangle sky...what else could anyone ask for on a bright morning?...love your guy card. I think we all have frets trying to design a guy card.