Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sweet Kizzie

 No projects to share today, it is a cooking day, it is pouring rain and all kitties are inside napping.  This is Kizzie my 3 legged cat, she is part rag doll and thinks that when her eyes are open her body should be cocooned in someone's arms, lol.  This is a new blankie that she has taken to.  Although she does not speak human, I swear she understands human.
I have a seminar to attend tonight and a pre-dinner early evening, it is a pot luck and every one is bringing a side dish.  This is one of my favorites, Chipolte Lime Buttered Yams with Portabella Mushrooms, it is a savory side and usually I serve it with a maple/surgared ham to off set the sweetness.  I am already hungry, lol.  Hope everyone has a great Thursday heading into Friday, Hugs

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