Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Color happens with Dylusion, 3 tags and some techniques, wow.  I have really been putting these colors to the test and they have not disappointed me yet.  The best of all though is below, my table vibrates with color.

At the same time I ordered the Dylusions, I ordered the last 6 original Copic empty markers that ICopic had in stock because I knew that I soooo wanted to be able to use my airbrush with them, so yesterday I loaded up the markers and started playing.  I don't really have a finished project yet, but the primary reason I wanted them with my airbrush was to use for my Art Journals, sometimes a crinkled page is fun but I really prefer them not to be and you can get that with the airbrush because it disperses just a fine mist to the page, coating but not saturating.  I added the ink to the Copic with an eye dropper and am still tinkering with the right amount to load them.  But you get a wonderful even color and the blending is awesome.  So I will definitely be getting 6 more empty markers so I can have all 12 colors for my airbrush.  Hope the Big Bunny was generous with all of you. Hugs

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1CardCreator said...

Beautiful tags Sandi!