Saturday, January 5, 2013

Be the moment

Good Morning, it is a crisp frosty winter one here, a weekend to stay in all toasty warm.  Read a little, work with PhotoShop or other projects, a little something cooking to make the house smell all homey, yep that is my weekend.

I do at least one meditation a day, usually first thing in the morning when all is quiet.  I invite Jesus and Holy Spirit in as I begin.  Sometimes it is a very silent meditation and sometimes I am asking questions and waiting for answers.  The last week or so I have been asking for guidance in staying in the moment, for focus.  Not a whole lot has come up other than to keep on the path.  Yesterday was amazing, same request, but this time mid way into the meditation, I heard, "try being the moment".  All of my senses came alive and my eyes popped open, and it was all I thought about off and on all day.  People much smarter than I have tried to explain the shift in perception that happens in meditation and I have drawn the conclusion that it is an experience that teaches, never an experience that can be taught.  I have to share though, to go into a meditation declaring that you are the moment is a sojourn to heaven.

Yesterday I was gathering some images and papers for some journal pages and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this background paper from "Secret Place" kit by em-ka designs at Scrapbook Graphics.  It was an image that just said it all.  So I played a little with it and added the sentiment and printed it out so that I could place it on my table where I do my meditations.  So this is my share with you today, I hope each and every one has a grand weekend filled with peace and productivity.  Hugs


Creative M said...

Wow!What a beautiful post!Got me thinking alot!Thank you.

eiyiyi said...

No surprise that we both meditate on a daily basis. I love your post, the image is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. hugs, eileen

DonnaMundinger said...

Sooo serene and beautiful. xxD