Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Clover Frost

Week 3 at an Art Journal Caravan for the Art Journal Photo, I was on my patio the other morning and the outside cat was attempting to cross the front yard, which is really just a clover patch and it was crunchie with morning frost.  I zipped into the house to get my camera but was too late to get his antics, I did capture the clover though, I love the zagged edges of the frost covered clover.  My favorite time for it though is in the spring when the bees are all at work in the sweet little buds.

I took the photo with my iPhone4 and the mat was done in PhotoShop.  Have a fab day, hugs


DonnaMundinger said...

Such a cool pic! xxD

1CardCreator said...

Very cool indeed! ~Diane

Carole Beath said...

Very very cool indeed. We're all 3 on the same chant.

mickeydee said...

Oh so pretty! I can almost hear the crunch of the kitties paws, just by looking at this pic. Love it! hugs, dianne